Forest Stewardship Plan

The Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP), prepared for the Westbank First Nation Community Forest and Replaceable Forest Licence, is a requirement of the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA). The FRPA came into effect in January 2004, replacing the 1995 Forest Practices Code Act. The FSP provides strategies and desired results for conserving and protecting timber and non-timber resources and links government objectives with results and strategies.

When WFN initiated harvesting, the Community Forest has operated under the Forest Practices Code of BC Act (FPC). The primary operational document under the FPC was the forest development plan (FDP). The FDP provided very specific details on all proposed roads and blocks.

Some of the objectives outlined in the FSP include conserving soil functions, cultural heritage resources, wildlife habitat, water quality, fish habitat, and biodiversity within riparian areas. To learn more about conservation and protection objectives, read the full Forest Stewardship Plan.

Forest Stewardship Plan

Forest Stewardship Plan

Westbank First Nation
Community Forest Agreement
K1P and FL A91134
Forest Stewardship Plan 2018-2022

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