We are committed to providing a safe, accident free, and healthy work environment for everyone.

Core Policy

It is the policy of our company to ensure that all employees and contractors: 

  • Operate in a safe, healthy and productive environment
  • Are aware of, and understand the safety procedures required to maintain a safe environment.
  • Adhere to all safety procedures as required to fulfill their job requirement.

To this end, we believe that all injuries are preventable and that excellence in health and safety is the key to our long-term success.

Safety Goals

  1. Zero accidents. To have all employees come home safely from the workplace each and every day.
  2. To ensure all employees are aware and involved in ensuring their own safety and the safety of other crew members. 



As we conduct our business activities, we will:

  • Train all personnel in safe work procedures and hazard identification.
  • Lead and demonstrate safety by example.
  • Hold all employees and contractors accountable for following safe work procedures and reporting unsafe acts and safety incidents.
  • Provide for a safe work environment and enforce safe work procedures and practices.  We will also ensure timely follow-up to safety incidents.
  • Encourage the involvement of all employees in the development of the safety program.  We will provide support and promote the program to ensure that safety has the overriding priority.
  • Comply with any and all governmental agencies, regulations and industry best practices.
  • Use audits to measure and improve our health and safety programs.
  • Monitor our health and safety program and share our results on a regular basis.

All Employees

As we perform our job activities we will:

  • Co-operate and comply with the health and safety program as a condition of employment.
  • Challenge any activity or situation, which compromises our commitment to safety.
  • Contribute to the company’s health and safety program by reporting unsafe acts or hazards to his/her immediate supervisor so that corrective measures can be taken in a timely manner.
  • Understand the correct procedures for performing a task (Safe Reliable Method) prior to doing any work activity.
  • Know how to summon help at the work site.
  • Ensure that all tools and equipment are operated in a safe manner at all times.

It is the duty of all employees to follow safe work procedures, to correct unsafe conditions/behaviors, and to suggest work system improvements when required. Excellent safety and health conditions do not occur by chance; they are the result of diligent efforts on the part of both management and employees.