What We Do

Ntityix Resources LP, a forest and resource management company, manages the forest tenures held by Westbank First Nation, including a Community Forest Agreement and Replaceable Forest Licence. Management of these forest tenures involves long-term resource stewardship, development planning, timber harvest management, road construction and maintenance, and silviculture.  

Other responsibilities include the protection of non-timber resources such as wildlife, rare and/or medicinal plants, watersheds, range and recreational uses.

Ntityix Resources LP has developed a strategic action plan centered on a vision to remain a leader in sustainable resource management practices amongst aboriginal businesses in North America and continue to create vibrant, long-term positive impact for our Community.

Our Vision

Ntityix Resources will strive to be the leading forestry enterprise in British Columbia in its scope and ability to provide a range of forestry benefits to the Westbank First Nation membership, and broader community.

Our Mission

Ntityix Resources' mission is to manage forest tenures held by Westbank First Nation, on the basis of sustainable forest management concepts while maximizing the benefits to Westbank First Nation through revenue and community opportunities.

What We've Achieved

  • Planted 609,000 trees in 2018

  • Planted more than 4.3 million trees since 2005

  • Acquired LiDar and new aerial photography for entire tenured landbase in 2015