Spring 2019 Updates

This spring we will be planting approximately 530,000 seedlings in areas that we have recently harvested. We aim to establish at least three tree species on every block. The most common species we plant are: Spruce, Lodgepole Pine, Douglas-fir, Western Larch, and Ponderosa Pine.

Ntityix Resources is involved in several wildfire mitigation projects in the Central Okanagan. The objective these treatments is to reduce the density of the existing forest, remove the surface fuels, and prune the remaining trees. To date we have completed more than 200 hectares of this work around West Kelowna. This year our focus will be in the Silver Lake area and Joe Rich.

With the support of Chief and Council and through ongoing research with Agriculture Canada, we are examining the opportunity to propagate wild huckleberries so we can plant them back onto the land after logging. We plan to start planting in 2020/2021.

This summer our contractors will be working in the Hidden Lake area and we will be selling the logs to both Gorman Brothers and Tolko. 

We’ve implemented a Big Tree Retention policy where, on every hectare logged, we will retain 5 of the largest Douglas-fir trees. We will be monitoring the effectiveness of this policy over time to ensure its effectiveness and value.

We are always looking for your thoughts and ideas on how we manage your forests.

Contact Dave Gill for more information.