Summer 2018 Updates

  1. 606,820 seedlings were planted in May-June of this year by Tronson Logging and Coast Range on cut blocks harvested over the past two years.
  2. Tronson Logging is harvesting the last of our beetle killed pine this summer near Brenda mines. The average size of our cut blocks will be decreasing as we move out of the pine.
  3. 21.3 hectares of wildfire mitigation work is being completed in Upper Glenrosa area this year. This is the fourth project we’ve done in the past four years. So far our crews have treated approximately 130 hectares around West Kelowna to reduce the wildfire hazard.
  4. Renegade Contracting completed a partial cut in Douglas-fir in Upper Glenrosa this summer. This treatment removed mistletoe infected trees common in the area and retained the healthy ones.
  5. Several wildfires started in the Community Forest during the July 17th thunderstorms, two of which were significant
    • Law Creek fire located on Drought Mountain between Upper Glenrosa and Highway 97C was 15 hectares and is now out.
    • Peachland Creek Fire located just behind Peachland was 23 hectares and is now out.
  6. On the planning side we’ve completed and will be implementing our new Migratory Bird Protocol and Large Fir Retention Strategy. As well we’re working on developing new management strategies for Marten and Mule Deer.
  7. Our Board of Directors has provided direction to seek Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) forest certification. This certification body will certify that our forests are being managed to the highest standard in the world.
  8. We’ve had two Forest Practices Board audits this summer – one looking at our forest practices within the Pennask Lake watershed, the other looking at our reforestation practices in the IDF. Reports will be coming out this fall.

For further information on our forest management practices or if you have any information or ideas you’d like to share with us or if you are thinking about a career in forestry please contact Dave Gill at 250-768-5617 or